How to wash whitewash from the ceiling quickly and without dirt

The variety of surface finish of the ceiling that can be observed today was not always the case. At one time whitewashing was one of the main options. One can argue about the pros and cons of this approach, but the fact is that in the vast majority of old apartments the coverage is exactly that. In the article we will talk about how to wash the whitewash from the ceiling quickly and without dirt, show photos and videos to remove the old whitewash.

General description

How to wash whitewash from the ceiling quickly and without dirt Dry method

The fact is that most modern finishing materials have rather high requirements for surface quality, one of which is maximum purity. For example, it will be practically impossible to glue the ceiling tile to the surface covered with whitewash. That is why it is impossible to do without removing the old coating.

It is very important to have sufficient information on how to properly carry out such work, thanks to which the effectiveness of actions will be greatly enhanced. Attracting experts, although it guarantees a successful result, will require material costs, which is not always appropriate, especially given the simplicity of the necessary manipulations.

How to wash whitewash from the ceiling quickly and without dirt The wet method

It is worth noting right away that there are several ways to remove whitewash:

  • Dry removal. This is the simplest option from the technological side - whitewashing is simply removed using a scraper. But you need to understand that when working there will be a large amount of dust and debris of larger fractions, as a result, after the completion of the work, you will need general cleaning of the room.
  • Wet removal. The second option to remove whitewash from the ceiling is a little more complicated, since it will require some preparation, but it allows you to solve the problem with virtually no dirt, which means that less time and effort will be spent on cleaning. In addition, this option is more convenient and faster.

The advantages of choosing a wet whitewash removal method are obvious, but it is worth noting that this option can also be divided into several ways.


How to wash whitewash from the ceiling quickly and without dirt Take advantage of old newspapers

One of the most convenient whitewash removal options from the ceiling is the use of adhesive composition. The essence of the method is that you need to take a few old newspapers. Next, you need to prepare and apply on the sheets of some cheap wallpaper glue. It is not necessary to follow the instructions, it is enough that the sheets will be held on the ceiling. It is necessary to glue the sheet in such a way that one corner remains, for which you can then remove it. After the glue dries, the sheets are simply removed.

This method will only be effective if the whitewash layer is not very thick. In order to make sure that this method works, you can stick several sheets and look at the result. If everything is fine, then the entire surface of the ceiling can be cleaned in the same way.

Soap solution

How to wash whitewash from the ceiling quickly and without dirt

Another solution to this problem is to use a soap solution: add 10 tablespoons of liquid or rubbed soap to 10 liters of water and five tablespoons of soda. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed and the solution can be used. For its application is convenient to use a simple spray. The composition must be sprayed onto the surface, wait until it is absorbed, after which the whitewashing is simply cleaned with a spatula.

Special composition

How to wash whitewash from the ceiling quickly and without dirt Special means

In order to quickly wash the whitewash, can be purchased and specially designed for this solution. The composition is sprayed onto the surface, its constituent components solidify after a while, and the whitewashing is quite simply removed. The method is effective, but will require financial investments.


How to wash whitewash from the ceiling quickly and without dirt Wash off with water

Wash off whitewash in the truest sense of the word and plain water. This option due to the lack of additives can be called the most affordable and cheapest possible, but for the same reason, its effectiveness is lower than that of the above methods.

Organization of work

In addition to the above, we can add that one of the necessary conditions for the successful completion of a task is the correct organization of work. First of all, attention should be paid to the issue of respiratory protection. For these purposes, you must purchase a respirator.

In addition, overalls and tools such as a trowel, a spray gun mentioned above, several buckets, a stepladder and plastic film will be needed to protect surfaces and furniture. A few rollers, rags and other accessories will not be redundant.

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