How to wash an acrylic bath - tips on washing with tools and special tools + Video

Than wash the acrylic bath, so that it does not change its appearance, served for a long time and pleased the eye with its unsurpassed appearance. In view of the fact that acrylic baths appeared in our market quite recently, many people ask themselves the question of what means to wash such baths and how to treat them correctly. There are no big difficulties in the process of washing an acrylic bath. Here the main thing is to follow the rules of cleaning.

How to wash an acrylic bath - tips on washing with tools and special tools + Video

We are all accustomed to cumbersome and heavy cast-iron baths, and acrylic baths, which are elegant in their form and light enough, at first glance seem fragile and impractical. That is why many people are wary of plumbing fixtures made of acrylic.

Features of washing and caring for acrylic bath

Unfortunately, many still do not know the basic rules for the care of acrylic. It is worth noting that the surface of the acrylic bath requires more thorough care and therefore you should be familiar with a number of rules for the care of this material. Observing the basic rules for care, you will be able to extend the impeccable appearance of your bath.

Acryl is a durable material. Its surface has a dirt-repellent effect, so that microorganisms do not develop on it. In addition, the acrylic bathroom is not afraid of blows, but it is also easily scratched.

Features of acrylic bath washing. The main thing is to be careful and careful when washing the acrylic bath. It is not recommended to use powdered and abrasive agents as well as a paste containing chlorine, acid, alkali, and ammonia as a detergent. Such substances contribute to the appearance of scratches on the surface, as well as lead to the loss of natural color. Before you start washing the acrylic bath, always carefully read the composition of the cleaning agent used. Do not use metal and hard brushes - such brushes violate the integrity of the acrylic coating.

It is also not recommended to bathe your pets in the acrylic bath, to put metal basins and buckets in them. Never put various items in the bathroom - stools, metal basins and objects, as well as any other household utensils.

How to wash an acrylic bath - tips on washing with tools and special tools + Video

With what improvised means you can wash an acrylic bath

In order to properly care for an acrylic bath, you should use liquid with a cleansing effect as a detergent. For this purpose, perfectly suitable composition for washing dishes, liquid soap, shower gel, etc.

If you find lime on the surface of the bathroom, it is not necessary to wash the entire container completely. It is enough to take a soft cloth, moisten it in lemon juice or vinegar and wipe the surface.

If you notice that some parts of the bathroom surface begin to darken, it is enough to rinse the container with running water and wipe with a dry and soft cloth.

If there are minor scratches in the acrylic bathtub, its surface can be treated with a polishing material, in particular, it can be ordinary mastic. For this purpose, a furniture polish or car polish is often practiced.

Special products for washing acrylic baths

The modern level of development of the chemical industry has made it possible to develop special means by which an acrylic bath can maintain its original appearance for a long time. At the same time with such funds any acrylic container washes quickly and safely. I would like to highlight such funds as Acrilan, Cillit, Sarma, Acryl-Net, Star-Acrylat.

These cream gels are specifically designed for cleaning acrylic surfaces. The product is applied on a napkin and only after that on the surface of the bath. The napkin wipes the entire surface of the container and leaves for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the product should be washed well with warm water and wiped with a cloth dry.

You can also use universal means for washing acrylic baths. The most popular all-purpose cleaner for cleaning acrylic surfaces is considered to be the product from Ravak. It is developed according to a special technology and is intended for washing acrylic surfaces.

In order to qualitatively eliminate the appearance of rust, it is recommended to use tools that are designed to combat rust from acrylic surfaces.

In any case, when choosing a product for washing an acrylic bath, always give preference to special products. Such means will not only gently clean the surface, but also give it shine and protection, in the form of a thin waterproof film. Now you already know how to wash the acrylic surface and can provide it with proper care and increase its service life.

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