How to remove the plinth from the floor

Virtually every renovation of an apartment or private house begins with dismantling. When it comes to the floor, in order to dismantle it, it is first necessary to remove the plinth. They can be torn out so that nothing remains to be done, how to throw them in the trash. However, if you plan to use them, then it is important to know how to remove the baseboard from the floor carefully. In this article we will consider the subtleties of dismantling wooden and plastic plinth.

Old wooden baseboard

How to remove the plinth from the floor

Old wooden baseboard made of wood can be dismantled using several methods. The choice will largely depend on how it was installed. For example, if it is painted with paint and nailed to the floor, the nail heads can be identified by the existing pits. Also, nail heads can peek over the baseboard. In the latter case, finding the nails is easiest.

Work will be very simple. Take the crowbar and pushes the side with a pointed spatula under the plinth, preferably in a place where the nail is hammered. After it remains to pull the crowbar over.

Considering the force with which you will press on the sponge, it is very easy to push a hole in the floor. For this reason, be sure to place a thin piece of plywood under its base.

Particularly large efforts will be required in cases where the nail is too rusted. In this case, you will not spoil the floor and gently disassemble the baseboard, for more details, see the diagram:

How to remove the plinth from the floor Dismantling with a

You shouldn’t clog a plomka under the plinth where there is no nail and pull it towards yourself. This may cause the baseboard to break.

In the event that the lug lever was not enough to remove the nail, then put a wooden bar up to 60 mm thick under the shank:

How to remove the plinth from the floor Bar under the fork

You should not immediately try to disrupt the entire baseboard in one go. Begin dismantling it from the corner. Tear off the plinth 10-30 mm from the floor. You make such an effort on every nail from beginning to end. When all the nails you have torn off, repeat the process again until the plinth is completely removed.

If the wooden plinth is recyclable, you can use another method. To do this, cut out a chisel with a chisel near the nail and remove it with a nail puller. How to be if the nail cap came off? Then use the method described above: drive a bow under the plinth and tear it off. When it is completely dismantled, nails without caps can be pulled out of the board with pliers.

What if there are no nails at all? In such a situation, drive the cap under the baseboard and slightly raise it. After hammer back the plinth, after which the nail heads should appear. If the caps were puttied, then the putty will disappear. If you pull in the place where there is no nail, then the baseboard in this place just rises. You can move the crowbar to the side and continue

But not in all cases the plinth is fastened with nails. Often it is fixed by screws to the wall or floor. Therefore, it is extremely important to find all the caps of the screws. They can be closed with plugs or be drowned in the plinth. After their detection, take a screwdriver or a screwdriver with a reverse and unscrew them. Work does not take you much time.

Often there are such cases that neither nails nor screws are visible on the plinth surface. The only thing that can be seen, so these are small rounders by the form of knots, located at equal distance from each other.

How to remove the plinth from the floor Using a wall from

This may mean that wooden chopics were used to fix the baseboards, which and represent these roundels. To carry out the dismantling of such plinth also does not amount to special difficulties. These chopies can be drilled or gouged with a narrow chisel. In almost all cases, this method of attachment is performed on the wall.

In rare cases, there may be a nail under the chopik. Therefore, once again have to take a crowbar.

MDF plinth

How to remove the plinth from the floor

The plinth, made of pressed paper, is fixed with special mounting fasteners or latches. If attachments are used, the plinth is worn on top of them. As for the latches, the special elements are screwed to the wall, and then the baseboard snaps on them.

To dismantle them, you can do with one wide trowel. You drive it under the bottom and try to slightly raise it. If the plinth remains in place, it means that latches were used as fasteners. In this case, put a spatula on top of the wall and gently pull it towards you. With such manipulations, the baseboard should move away.


How to remove the plinth from the floor

With plastic plinths, the situation is different. In most cases, they are fastened to the wall with a dowel / screw. Some plinths have special channels for wiring. These channels are closed with a special strip. It is necessary to remove and unscrew the screws. In almost all cases, such plinths are attached to the wall.

How to remove the plinth from the floor Fixing the baseboard

But it is not always necessary to install them using dowels. In some cases, for example, when utilities pass through the wall, the baseboards are fixed to glue. Here also carry out dismantling work is not difficult. You can use a wide spatula that you drive in from above. And after that, with a careful movement towards you, you tear the plastic baseboard off the wall.

So, we looked at the basic methods for dismantling the skirting board. If you know other details of this work, be sure to write about it in the comments to this article.


In the provided video material, clearly shows how to dismantle the plinth from the floor:


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