How to put the laminate on the floor with their own hands (video)

Today laminated floors are very popular. And all due to the fact that this type of coverage has a number of advantages. First of all, it is worth noting its low price and ease of installation. But how to put the laminate on the floor with his own hands? Almost every person who possesses superficial construction skills can install the flooring on their own.

How to put the laminate on the floor with their own hands (video)

Layout of the laminate.

Important recommendations before laying the floor

Before laying the laminate, pay attention to some recommendations:

  1. Liquid is a dangerous enemy of this flooring. However, if you buy high-quality laminate, it can contact with water for about a day.
  2. It is not necessary to lay laminate in a room where temperature fluctuations are observed: a bathroom, an unheated building.
  3. The base is too soft. Before installing the laminate it is necessary to level the base.
  4. It is not recommended to store the product in an upright position. Indeed, in this case, the board bent, because of which it will be difficult for you to do the work.
  5. Immediately after purchase, laying laminate is not welcome. Remember that this material must adapt to the climate in your home. Let lie on a flat base at least a day.
  6. Install the product using the "floating" method.

If you don't get a laminate, then take it with a small margin. The procedure for laying material is not too simple (for someone who does the work for the first time). In addition, you will need to purchase all the necessary tools and materials for installation in advance.

Quality materials for work

How to put the laminate on the floor with their own hands (video)

Tools for laying laminate.

Use these tools and materials:

  • with a tape measure;
  • with a pencil;
  • with a saw;
  • with a hammer;
  • underlay;
  • wooden plank.

1st stage - thorough preparation of the base. If your house has a parquet floor, then check the creaking areas and eliminate such defects. Concrete floor must be cleaned from crumbs.

Note that if you prepare the base correctly, the floor will be even. As a base, you can use any surface that allows you to get a laminated floor. As for the concrete floor, level it with a self-leveling mortar. Unevenness of the floor should not be more than 3 mm.

The next step is laying the substrate with which you can hide irregularities. Pre-roll and lay it on the base. Excess material cut with a knife.

But how to lay laminate quickly and efficiently?

Material boards can be interconnected like this: the crest of each laminate product will need to be inserted into the groove of the adjacent one. Next, adjust the pieces of material to each other. This can be done with a hammer.

How to lay the laminate on the floor correctly?

You can lay the laminate on either side of the room.

How to put the laminate on the floor with their own hands (video)

Step by Step Guide to Laying Laminate.

It is best to put the material perpendicular to the window, because this is how you can hide the joints between the boards.

From the very beginning, the substrate spreads out along the wall. Then laid out 1 strip along the wall. For a better fit, adjust the boards with a hammer. This method is to lay out all the boards. The last piece is cut to the required size. Carefully press the strip against the wall, but do not forget to install the wedges on each side.

How to lay the laminate floor on? You will need a 2nd lane. It is inserted with a comb into the groove of the strip, which is located closer to the wall. As a rule, the work is performed at an angle of 25 °. The strip is pressed tightly and gently pressed on top. The next strip must be squeezed with a comb into the groove of the 1st strip. If there is a gap between the pieces of material, then take a hammer and planochki, with which you adjust the boards. Use a jigsaw to remove any unevenness.

The work has been fully completed. Now you know how to lay laminate flooring on your own.

If you want the floor covering to serve you for many years, then do not allow sharp objects to fall on it. Indeed, in this case, the laminate can not be repaired, you will need to change the coating.

Also, do not apply varnish / paint on the laminate after installation and protect the substrate from the liquid.

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