How to paint the ceiling plinth - the technology of painting the plinth

Often the final stage in the repair of your own home is the installation and painting of the ceiling plinth. Usually, the plinth is painted when the walls and ceilings are ready, but there are those who do not want to stain the walls, for example, wallpaper, and prefer to postpone the wall decoration, first painting the ceiling plinth. Let's find out what the ceiling plinth is painted with, when and how best to do it.

Why do they paint the ceiling plinth

How to paint the ceiling plinth - the technology of painting the plinth The unprofitable joint should be painted over

In general, it is necessary to decide whether you will paint the baseboard at all, or in your case there is no need to do so. Skirting foam plastic is most often sold as white standard. Many people mistakenly believe that if the ceiling is white, then painting the fillets is money down the drain. However, about 80% percent of repair specialists recommend painting the ceiling plinth, as there are reasons for it.

Here are some reasons why you need to paint the ceiling plinth:

  1. Galteli cannot be glued so that there are no noticeable joints between them, in principle, it is striking, and poor-quality repairs to no the owner does not like it. Experienced craftsmen first close up the joints between the fillets of filler before painting the plinth, and then paint them, painting completely hides the junction of individual elements.
  2. White color tends to darken as a result of pollution, which means that the baseboard should be periodically cleaned. To clean a plinth from polyfoam is very difficult. But if it is painted, and according to the standard, new paints are all washable, it will be enough to clean the plinth with a damp cloth when cleaning.
  3. There are also wooden baseboards for the ceiling. As it is known, different insects like to live in a tree, therefore a plinth made of wood needs to be painted. The wooden plinth can be varnished or painted. This will protect the wood and at the same time the structure of the tree will be visible.
  4. After painting the fillets, they will become more durable. By the way, you can paint the baseboard in any color, so you can choose a color that fits the color of the interior room.
  5. It should be remembered that the ceiling and walls are never perfectly smooth, minor waves are usually observed, however, when gluing the baseboard, this drawback becomes more noticeable. This small space between the baseboard and the wall should be smeared with silicone sealant or putty. Paint completely hide their marks.

At what stage it is best to paint

How to paint the ceiling plinth - the technology of painting the plinth It is better to paint the plinth after installation

Of course, it is most convenient to paint when the plinth has not been installed yet. Since running from place to place, rearranging the stepladder is not very convenient, it will take longer. If this method is used, you first need to cut the ceiling plinth in accordance with the specified dimensions and fit it in the corners. However, there is a drawback: after mounting the baseboard into place, it is imperative to seal all the joints, as recommended by experts.

It is most profitable if the painting of the ceiling and the ceiling plinth is done simultaneously and in the same color. Parallel painted ceiling and baseboard. The ceiling is a roller, the plinth is a small brush. If before painting the ceiling plinth needs to be primed, it must be done before installation.

What tools are needed to work

How to paint the ceiling plinth - the technology of painting the plinth Carefully choose a brush

To work with fillets, you need the following tools:

  • trowel,
  • brush,
  • masking tape,
  • sponge,
  • sandpaper.

In addition, you need to prepare a place in the room where the painting will be done, this area is better to cover something.

Choose paint depending on material

How to paint the ceiling plinth - the technology of painting the plinth Water-based acrylic paint is suitable for painting baseboards

The best option for painting the foam plinth is water dispersion, they are fireproof. No need to use dyes based on, for example, white spirit or other solvents. Such compounds can damage the baseboard.

For dyeing baseboards made of polyurethane, use oil or resistant water-dispersion paint. If you need a glossy surface, choose the first option. To get a matte plinth, use the second.

Almost any kind of composition is suitable for painting wooden fillets. It can be varnish, oil or acrylic paint, stain.

How to prepare the plinth for painting

Before you start installing and painting the plinth, you need to find a place where the work will take place. Place the place to make to avoid paint on the floor. In addition, you need to get rid of drafts. Before installing the baseboard it should be cleaned. It must be dry and free from dirt and dust.When the plinth is glued, adhesive tape is stuck on the wall, on both sides of the plinth, as tightly as possible to the plinth. Coloring is done with light movements along the baseboard. During dyeing it is necessary to avoid the appearance of traces of fingers and hair from the brush.

Video: preparation for painting and plastering plinth

Methods of painting

How to paint the ceiling plinth - the technology of painting the plinth Paint in balonchik

First of all, you need to choose what to paint the ceiling baguette. There are two methods of coloring: painting with a brush and painting by spraying paint from a can.

  1. As mentioned above, you should not buy paints containing solvents in the composition, if the skirting of foam plastic is painted, then it can dissolve from them. It is necessary to buy water-soluble paints, for example, acrylic or latex water-based paint, water-dispersion. The brush must be chosen qualitative, so that it does not climb hair.
  2. Another method can be used, this is staining with a can. It should be kept approximately at a distance of 30-35 cm from the plinth. According to this method, the plinth is painted before mounting on the wall. This method allows you to quickly and evenly paint the fillets.

Video: dyeing technology for ceiling skirting

Selecting color

How to paint the ceiling plinth - the technology of painting the plinth Dye for tinting paint

The question of the selection of the desired color is solved with the help of pigments. If you could not get the required color, you need to buy white paint and use it as a base. You can prepare the paint of the desired tone by yourself, only in this case it will not be possible to achieve a perfect match of colors, if necessary. You can resort to professional help. In the construction supermarket often offer this service.

Video: gilding of polyurethane plinth


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