How to make a fence from metal profile

The use of metal profiles for the manufacture of modern fences and fences is associated with the following remarkable characteristics of this building material:

  • reliability and durability,
  • attractive appearance,
  • increased strength,
  • a wide range of colors.

High strength characteristics of metal profile fences allow them to withstand extreme wind loads and provide enhanced security against breaking.

Taking into account the advantages discussed earlier, the heightened interest of the user in how to make a fence from metal profile is fully justified. This circumstance explains the need for all interested parties to familiarize themselves with this issue.

The design features of the metal profile fence

How to make a fence from metal profile The wicket

The manufacturing technology of the metal profile itself suggests the use of dimensional steel billets, after punching which produces a sheet of a given shape. After that, a layer of anti-corrosion protection is first applied to the surface of such a billet, and then a priming operation is performed. The front part of such a sheet is treated with a special polymer material of a particular color, and the inner surface is covered with a special protective varnish.

To arrange the fence from a metal sheet-based profile, you will need to stock up the following tools and materials:

  • iron pipe with a diameter of 60 mm;
  • metal profile used for manufacturing crossbeams;
  • steel corner, from which the door frames and wickets are welded.

The fastening of the metal profile on the base of the frame is carried out, as a rule, with the help of screws, the caps of which should not stand out against the background of the polymer coating.

How to make a fence from metal profile Gates and metal profiles

As for the need for a tool, then for the construction of fences in question we need the type you need:

  1. cutting tools (“Bulgarian”),
  2. shovel (for digging holes for supports),
  3. tamper of arbitrary design,
  4. welding machine,
  5. construction level,
  6. measuring tool,
  7. screwdriver.

In addition, you may need additional tools, including a set of screwdrivers and a set of hacksaw blades.

Preparation of frame foundation

How to make a fence from metal profile Fence mounting scheme

The main operations for the manufacture of the fence are usually carried out in a certain sequence, the main stages of which are as follows:

  1. The first step is to mark the land on which you are going to install the fence from the metal profile. For this point, the location of the corner pillars are marked by a stick, from which the segments will be measured in the future to indicate the installation positions of the pillars (supports).
  2. The distance between adjacent columns should be maintained at intervals of approximately 1.1 meters; and in the immediate vicinity of the gate, these distances will need to be reduced to half a meter. The gap between the supports of the built-in gate must be at least 4 meters.
  3. It goes without saying that before erecting a fence from a metal profile, all the necessary earthwork must be carried out with his own hands, including the preparation of pillars for pillar supports. It should be noted that the working depth of such holes with a support height of 2.5 meters must be at least 0.7 meters. After installation of the pillar base into the recess prepared for it, the lower part of the support is filled with previously extracted earth, which is then carefully tamped.
  4. Following this, sections of a metal profile, used as cross-beams, are welded to the pillars in the places marked in advance. When installing the latter, special attention should be paid to controlling the parallelism of the lines of mounted profiles, which can best be monitored through the construction level.

Installation of sheets of metal profile

How to make a fence from metal profile Features of the installation of the fence schematically

By By completing all these operations, you can proceed to the installation of sheets of metal profiles that are attached directly to the mounted frame, consisting of supports and crossbars. When mounting the profile blanks, special attention should be paid to the safety of the decorative polymer coating, the damage of which is unacceptable.

Before installing the attachment point on the frame, it is recommended to treat it with a special anti-corrosion lubricant.

How to make a fence from metal profile Metal profile fence installation

Alignment of the upper and lower cut lines of the fences can be achieved by cutting all irregularities produced before the sheet blanks were put in place.Before starting this operation, you will need to pre-mark the sheets prepared for installation.


Step-by-step instructions for installing the fence can be viewed below:


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