How to close the joints of the laminate - processing joints

A great solution for flooring is laminate slats. Installation of laminate does not require special skills. Laminate board is an inexpensive and reliable coating that fits into almost any interior. The only thing that needs to be done when installing laminate - is to seal the joints. Since the basis of the laminate is fiberboard, then when moisture gets under the panel, it swells and deforms. A prerequisite for the installation of laminate boards - is sealing joints. It is important to close the joints of the laminate.

Sealant for processing

How to close the joints of the laminate - processing joints Joint gel

Sealant is a special gel with which seams, gaps and joints are processed. At the same time, the joints do not stick together, which is a big plus when it is necessary to replace the panel.

It is best to choose a sealant that contains silicone. Such a silicone-based agent has very good operational properties:

  • reliability;
  • long service life;
  • possibility of using a hermetic agent in any temperature conditions.

How to close the joints of the laminate - processing joints Sealant for laminate

In addition to silicone, the hermetic gel contains the following components:

  • additives: quartz flour, chalk;
  • antifungal substances;
  • dyes;
  • and substances that reduce the viscosity of the gel.

If the question of how to seal the joints of the laminate flooring is resolved, then now it is necessary to prepare tools and materials for their processing.

Tools and materials

How to close the joints of the laminate - processing joints Sealant for locks

Before use sealant, it is necessary will get acquainted with the instruction for use. If the sealant is used in a residential area, carefully examine its composition for the presence of harmful chemical components.

  1. Silicone-based sealer.
  2. Rubber mallet.
  3. Ruler, pencil.
  4. Jigsaw.
  5. Latch.
  6. Spacer wedges.

Before you start laying laminate, you must carefully prepare the floor on which laminate panels will be laid. The smoother the base, the less time it will take to process the joints.

Features of laying laminate panels

How to close the joints of the laminate - processing joints Laminate joint with tiles

  1. The basis for the installation of laminate coating should be dry, clean and level. Surface drops should not exceed 3–5 mm per meter. Otherwise, the lock joints of the panels will be quickly loosened and become unusable, which will require additional time and material costs for the dismantling and installation of the laminate.
  2. If the basis drops are more than 5 mm per meter, it is advisable to make a new tie and only then lay laminate panels. The smooth surface of the base will allow you to properly lay the substrate under the laminate in order to protect the floor from moisture.
  3. The first row of panels must be laid out with a deformation gap of 8 mm. This gap should be maintained around the perimeter of the room with the help of spacer wedges. This is done to ensure that the laminate, when the temperature environment in the apartment (room) changes, “breathes” and does not accumulate moisture under it.
  4. When assembling the panels, it is necessary to lubricate the joints with an airtight means. Excess gel must be carefully removed with a sponge or wet cloth. All other panels are mounted in the same way. After the end of laying laminate all the joints will be sealed.
  5. Gaps that remain in the doorway can be decorated with elements such as baseboard or threshold. How to miss the joints between the laminate and plinth? You can use the same sealed gel based on silicone.
  6. If the laminate board joins:
    • with linoleum - close the joints with plastic powder;
    • with tile - close the joints with aluminum powder;
    • with a stone surface - it is desirable to close the joints with cork plates.

How to close the joints of the laminate - processing joints Joint with laminate

Small tips for repairing the

How to close the joints of the laminate - processing joints Butt in the doorway

  1. Silicone-based sealer does not glue the laminate. The gel does not allow excessive moisture to penetrate under the floor covering, therefore, if necessary, you can easily replace several panels.
  2. If an expensive high-quality laminate is used for the flooring, then there is no need to apply sealant. The joints of this laminate are already treated with a water-repellent agent.
  3. If a floor heating system is installed in the living room, then glue laminate cannot be used. Since this coating is not collapsible, and in case of breakdown of the floor heating system, it is necessary to remove the entire laminate. And this means that it will take time to install the new flooring and there will be material costs for the purchase of new laminate panels.
  4. It is necessary to lay a laminate covering along doors, windows or a veranda, that is, along a natural light source. Otherwise, the falling shadow will emphasize the joints of the panels, which will make the room less aesthetic. If there are several windows in the room, the installation should start from a large window diagonally. This method is more costly, but the most effective.


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