How to choose an oil cooler - choice of oil heater

The beginning of cold weather makes you think about the issue of heating a home. In the case when central heating does not warm the rooms enough or the heating season has not come yet, it becomes necessary to purchase a high-quality heater. The modern market offers the consumer an abundance of brands and a wide variety of price categories. But the most popular oil heaters. In order for the device to work without interruption, providing a comfortable stay in the house, it is important to know how to choose the oil cooler correctly.

Features of oil radiators

How to choose an oil cooler - choice of oil heater The radiator heats the room well

Select the heater blindly , relying only on the appearance, it would be wise, so you need to familiarize yourself with the features of oil radiators.

  • Ferrous metal is used to manufacture the main work item. In the process of assembling a radiator, mineral oil is poured into it.
  • Oil radiators dry the air, and some manufacturers have solved this problem with the help of the supplied removable water tanks. During operation, the water also heats up and evaporates, raising the humidity level of the room to normal.

How to choose an oil cooler - choice of oil heater This is not a child's toy

  • For a child's room, appliances would be an excellent option with a casing, which guarantee the child protection against burns during his work.
  • Comfort and convenience when moving the heater provide wheels. It is important that they are made from quality material. Otherwise, a quick breakdown of the wheels will lead to the fact that the device will be inconvenient to move.
  • The built-in fan in some models is capable of speeding up the process of air heating. If it is not there, it is possible to warm up the air faster with the help of a conventional floor fan, which is placed near the heater.

How to choose the right device

How to choose an oil cooler - choice of oil heater Oil heaters in the range

Given the advice of experts, you can buy a high-quality oil cooler for the apartment, which will serve a long period without breakdowns.

Consider the power

How to choose an oil cooler - choice of oil heater Parameters of the oil radiator

For this indicator it is important to correctly calculate the ratio of the squares of the room. For example, heating 10 m 2 is capable of 1 kW. In this case, the height of the ceiling of the room can reach up to three meters.

There are radiators on the market whose power does not exceed 3 kW. Because the room, which is more than thirty squares, in large cold will have to be heated with two appliances.

In homes with old wiring, it is not recommended to operate heaters with a capacity of more than 2 kW.


How to choose an oil cooler - choice of oil heater Large Heater

This parameter allows you to choose a radiator to your taste and wallet size. Large appliances for easy movement are equipped with wheels and a comfortable handle.

About safety

How to choose an oil cooler - choice of oil heater Controls

When planning the purchase of an oil blower, it is important to pay attention to the fact that it must be equipped with light indication, temperature controller and mode switch. The display will show whether they are switched. Otherwise, if the light does not come on, it will be difficult to predict the temperature mode of the device and it will become unsafe to use it.

You should also pay attention to the additional functions:

  • Timer, which allows programming of the device on and off at certain times of the day. Thus, you can save electricity.
  • For air evaporation, the devices are equipped with water tanks.
  • Fast warming up of the room is guaranteed in the presence of a fan heater.

The nuances of choosing a device

How to choose an oil cooler - choice of oil heater Variety of heaters

  • Many people pay attention to radiators with narrow sections. They heat up faster and therefore less power is consumed. But such models warm the room more slowly, and in some cases their power may not be enough for this at all.
  • If the heater has a large number of wide sections, then it will be necessary to expend more electricity to heat the room.
  • With impressive dimensions of the oil cooler and relatively low weight, it can be said that it is made of thin metal, or a small amount of oil is poured into it. Both facts promise nothing good. From such a purchase is better to refuse.
  • A small room needs a compact device. Otherwise, the climate in the house will be unfavorable, and the air is overheated. True, this can be compensated by adjusting the heating temperature of the heater.
  • It is worth looking at the black models, as they are able to heat the room more efficiently.This can be explained by the fact that the black surface has the ability to better give off heat.
  • In the presence of a fan heater, it is important to turn on the appliance in the store to make sure that it is working and to understand how to use the appliance.

What should be avoided

How to choose an oil cooler - choice of oil heater With the heater should be instruction

Before you start using the device, you must study the instructions that come with the radiator. Ignoring this rule can lead to disastrous consequences.

  • You should not buy radiators that do not have a thermostat that turns off the device in case of overheating.
  • Operation of devices in wet areas is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, a short circuit could occur or the heater could easily fail.
  • Do not place the device near objects prone to fire. Especially you can not put it next to the furniture, which very quickly lose its attractive appearance.
  • The heater is easy to clean with a dry cloth. Once a month it is wiped with a damp sponge and dried.

How to choose an oil cooler - choice of oil heater In this position, the heater cannot work

  • It is forbidden to operate the oil radiator in any position other than vertical. If there are small children or animals in the room that can overturn the heater, then care should be taken to prevent this from happening. In the overturned position, the heater remains unloaded in oil, which will lead to its burning out and to a possible ignition of the entire heater.
  • The device cannot be operated for longer than the stipulated period - usually it is 4-5 years.

How to use correctly

How to choose an oil cooler - choice of oil heater

The heater is turned on and the temperature control is set to the desired position. The first is the heating of the heater. From there, the heat goes into the section with mineral oil and heats the device.

Drying clothes on a heater is not recommended. The edges of the oil fan must always be open.

The maximum temperature to which the case heats up is about 150ºС. But temperature indicators may vary in some models. Further, the heated oil transfers its heat to the metal, which, in turn, heats the room, radiating heat.

Store the device in a dry, warm place. Putting it in an unheated garage is not allowed. He can easily spoil. The hull may be damaged by rust and oil will leak out.

In no case is it recommended to move the device by the power cord. Even if the wheels are damaged, it must be carried by the handles. Otherwise, short circuit or wire breakage may occur.

Advantages of oil radiators

How to choose an oil cooler - choice of oil heater

As a separate point, we mention the positive sides of the oil heater.


Heaters have an extremely high level of safety, since everyone did that are exposed to heat, are closed, and the case temperature can reach up to 60ºC. Thus, the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum.

The radiator must be heavy and stable, then during active games children will not be able to overturn it.


With proper operation and careful storage, oil radiators last for a long time without breakage.

Lack of unpleasant smell

Most radiators create unpleasant odors (fumes) when heated. An oil device does not give off an odor while working, so those who live in the house can enjoy warmth and comfort.

The price category of devices varies in a wide price range, so its acquisition can be made by a wide range of consumers.

By choosing an oil cooler, you can enjoy a comfortable, economical, durable and practical source of heat.


Oil heater: power, number of sections, service life:

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