How to choose a boiler for the apartment and house

The boiler serves to heat the water. In addition, it can serve as a reservoir in which there is always a supply of hot water. Nowadays, when turning off the hot water in the summer is a variant of the norm, the device has become popular and many are interested in how to choose a boiler for an apartment or house.

Types of devices for heating

How to choose a boiler for the apartment and house Different models of water heaters

First, it is important to understand What is the principle of operation of the device for heating. This will make a thoughtful choice in the future. For heating water are heating elements - heating elements. After the cold water enters the water heater, the heating elements heat it up to the set temperature. Two principles of operation of the heating elements are used:

  1. Wet. During the work there is a contact with water.
  2. Dry. For protection against water, a sealed flask is used.

In the first case, the problem is that scum appears over time. It must be removed from the boiler every year. The second option - dry - more reliable, but at the cost of such a boiler will come out almost twice as expensive.

A thermostat is provided in the construction of the boiler. Thanks to him, the device stops heating after the water reaches a certain temperature. After the water cools down, the device starts working again. Usually, the required temperature regime sets the landlord.

There are models that, using electronic control, allow you to control the heating intensity, taking into account the time of day.

It is worth remembering that in the presence of a boiler, energy is often used uneconomically. To avoid this, some turn off the boiler for heating or transfer it to the minimum heating mode.


How to choose a boiler for the apartment and house The shape of the boiler and its type of heating should be considered in advance

Since boilers have different heating elements, there are two types of water heaters, which differ in the way the heating elements are placed:

  1. Direct heating. In them TEN is directly under a tank. This option is convenient in that it does not depend on additional sources of heat.
  2. Indirect heating. Heating is carried out using technical fluid. Usually this option is used by those who live in a private house. In addition, the device does not depend on any energy sources, but it can also heat water from electricity when the boiler is not operating.

The first version of the boiler can be both electric and gas (there is a gas burner available).

If we talk about the method of installation, the devices for heating can be:

  1. Vertical type.
  2. Horizontal.
  3. Wall.
  4. Outdoor.

How to choose a boiler for the apartment and house Stainless Steel Tank Device The choice is also influenced by the material used for the design of the water heaters. Regarding the anti-corrosion coating, it is worth noting that enamel is an inexpensive, but most often used option. True, there is no guarantee that this coverage will serve for a long time. If there are constant temperature drops, then cracks appear in the tank and rust appears. In this case, it is recommended not to heat the water above 60ºС. But this is not an option, because this temperature increases the growth of bacteria. There are options with a coating of silver ions, but these are expensive models.

There is an option to purchase a stainless steel boiler. This material is not affected by corrosion and it lasts much longer - more than 10 years. But the price of such a model will be high.

Choice of the shape of the product

How to choose a boiler for the apartment and house

The cylindrical water boiler is most often used. It has the following advantages:

  • Compactness.
  • Water cools slowly.

Another option is slim. Many of them have a thin and elongated shape. Their advantage: oversized and relatively large hot water supply.

There are still rectangular water heaters. Since they fit snugly to the wall, the result is best fit into any type of interior. For a home with a little space, this is a practical solution.

But if there is very little space, then a horizontal heater is suggested. It is installed under sinks, shelves and ceilings.

What should be considered when choosing a tank size

How to choose a boiler for the apartment and house Boilers of different capacity

For those who live alone, fit a small 40 liter boiler. The water in it heats up in 2 hours. If a water heater is acquired by a family of two people, then an 80 or 100-liter water heater will be a suitable option. To heat the water, it will take up to 5 hours. For a family with children, a 120-liter boiler will be a practical option. Sometimes even it is not enough. It takes 7 hours to heat the water.

The figures given are averaged and depend on the power of the heating element.

Additional Functions

How to choose a boiler for the apartment and house Dashboard of Welis boiler

Depending from the price there can be the following functions:

  • Eco heating.
  • Indicator showing the remaining time until the next preheat cycle.
  • Protection of the heating element in the absence of water.
  • Frost protection.
  • Thermal insulation.

The device is more expensive - hence, it will have more functions, and this gives some additional conveniences when using it.

The price is not always the right indicator, since a branded model with a minimum number of functions can cost more than a multi-functional Chinese boiler.

How to choose a boiler for the apartment and house Now you can enjoy a dip in hot water


This video explains how to choose the right water heater, taking into account its design features and family needs:


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