How to assemble a shower cabin with your own hands

The modern plumbing market is able to offer solutions to problems that were previously impossible or difficult to implement. For example, installing your own shower cabin caused a lot of difficulties and was quite rare. However, with the development of production technologies, materials have appeared that are fairly cheap and at the same time have good performance characteristics. This has significantly reduced the cost of production, and hence the final price for the finished product.

A lot of manufacturers and models appeared, therefore, to install a shower cabin at home now, almost everyone can do it.

Definition and types

How to assemble a shower cabin with your own hands Shower enclosure

A sanitary device is considered to be a shower cabin one way or another fenced off from the rest of the bathroom space and intended for the adoption of water procedures. Some modern models have a rather complex system that allows for hydromassage sessions.

In principle, there are two main options for the manufacture of the cabin:

  1. Shower enclosure.
  2. Shower.

How to assemble a shower cabin with your own hands Shower

The main difference between the options from each other is that in the shower In the corner, the walls of the bathroom are projected as one or two leaves, while in the cabin version all four walls are provided. Therefore, the area to a certain extent has limitations regarding the installation site, and the cabin is devoid of them and can be installed in almost any convenient place. However, the corner option is somewhat simpler from the point of view of the technological device, and therefore it will be easier to assemble it yourself, but at the same time you will have to pay for this with reduced functionality of the device.

Anyway, it is necessary to solve independently for each specific case, proceeding from the tasks.

Technical device

How to assemble a shower cabin with your own hands With hydromassage

It should be noted right away that there are options shower cabins, which can be called monolithic. As such, they are literally, and all their installation work consists in installing and connecting the device to the water supply and sewage systems. We are not talking about some kind of assembly in this case, so we will not dwell on the nuances.

As for prefab cabin manufacturing options, it should be emphasized that no matter which option (corner or cabin) is used, the device will consist of the following components:

  • main tank-pan;
  • sash-walls and sliding panels that will function as doors;
  • a set of devices designed to supply water to the inside of the cabin;
  • roof of a shower cabin .

How to assemble a shower cabin with your own hands Acrylic tray

As regards the shower cabin components, they may also have Several variants. For example, a pallet tank can be made of acrylic, metal, or ceramic. As for the sash and roof, these elements of construction are most often made of plastic.

Installation and assembly

Choice of place

How to assemble a shower cabin with your own hands Podium for shower

The first step in the installation is to choose a site for work. The bottom line is that one should be guided not only by the design of the device, but also by the location of the water supply and sewage systems. Ideal if the cabin drain will be located, if not directly above the drain, then as close as possible to it. This will greatly facilitate the task of connecting to the sewer.

Installing a shower stall, especially if the product form factor is a corner, requires ideally smooth surfaces, like walls and the floor. This circumstance must be clarified before the work begins. If during the inspection of the place of the proposed installation will be identified defects, they must be eliminated without fail.

Installation of the pallet

How to assemble a shower cabin with your own hands

Then you can proceed to the installation of the pallet. In principle, the task is not too difficult to perform, but it has some nuances. The fact is that most often for the installation of this structural element are used special legs, equipped with adjusting screws. The legs need not just to install, but also to level the pallet itself so that it is located strictly horizontally.

If the model of the pallet is made of acrylic, then a special frame should be made under it, designed to increase the strength, and hence the reliability of the whole structure.

Along with the other, at this stage of the work it is necessary to connect the drain of the pallet and the water supply system. All joints must be sealed.

Installation of walls and doors

How to assemble a shower cabin with your own hands Cab device

Then you can proceed to the installation other elements, namely walls and doors.As a guide, the assembly diagram attached to the product can be used. Usually, walls are installed in special grooves of a pallet and fixed with screws and stiffeners.

How to assemble a shower cabin with your own hands Wall installation

After this, the cabin doors are installed in the same way. Depending on a design, doors can be arranged both oar, and sliding. No matter how, but before you install the door, you need to mount the fasteners.

Installation of the roof

How to assemble a shower cabin with your own hands Installation of the roof

The final stage of work is the installation of the shower roof cabins. Like other elements, it is mounted in accordance with the attached instructions. It is worth noting that some manufacturing options can be equipped with lighting elements, and when they are connected, maximum caution should be exercised and the work should be done with high quality. Electricity and humidity are not the safest combination, and therefore it is simply unacceptable to carelessly approach the installation of such structural elements.

After installation of the cabin, it is necessary to check its operability and tightness of the joints.

Video: instructions for assembling a shower cabin in four parts


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