Finishing bath do it yourself + photo

Bath finishing is a whole complex of works. Indeed, in addition to external, there is also internal. Work on the appearance of the steam room has its own specifics due to the peculiarities of the atmosphere inside this room. The owner will have to give an aesthetic look to the floor, walls, ceiling, and at the same time take into account security issues.

Selection of materials

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Imitation of pine timber

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Wood and tile finishing It is best to choose natural wood as a finishing material. The easiest way to create an attractive interior without the involvement of experts - lining up clapboard yourself. However, you can use the board.

If there is not enough money for high-quality expensive materials, then many owners choose pine wood in all the premises of this building, including the steam room. This is not the best choice because the material often contains a lot of resin.

Standing out from special resinous pockets, pine resin can get on the skin and cause burns. In addition, the resin may evaporate, which is detrimental to health.

As a last resort, if there is no choice, it is necessary to monitor the quality of the boards. Check for the presence of resin pockets required.

If there are available funds, then it is better to choose the wood of such trees as linden and larch in the steam room and the washing room. Lipa will always have a pristine appearance, it will not darken or crack. This material is good for health. Larch is resistant to fungi and mold, it does not rot and lasts a very long time. In the waiting room, you can do the upholstery of pine and other, cheaper materials.

If the funds allow, then you can use an abashi tree in the steam room.

The structure of the interior decoration

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo The internal lining of the bath

It has a general structure:

  1. Crate. It is installed directly on the surface of the walls and ceiling.
  2. Between the crates of the batten, as a rule, insulation and a steam insulator fit. In some cases, the crate is packed through a layer of insulation.
  3. Next, the material is mounted on the batten (clapboard or board).
  4. Impregnation is sometimes used. However, it is not used in the steam room.


Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Tile floor in the bath

The floor is trimmed with a board or tiles. Tile is better to choose a special, not slippery. Otherwise, sooner or later you can get injured, steaming in the bath. The tile is durable, and this is its main advantage. You can also use tiles for walls.

To prevent slipping on the tile, you can install a special wooden structure on the floor - a bridge. Moving on it, you can expect that no trouble will happen.

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Floor tiles

Larch is another good material for the floor. It is not subject to rotting, therefore, in its strength and durability, it can compete with tiles. The only negative is the high cost of such material.

Finishing of the floor is made after its insulation. It is necessary to warm all surfaces of a sweating room. If the floor is concrete, the insulation is laid between the layers of concrete. As a heat insulating material, claydite, crushed stone, as well as empty bottles can be used.

Exterior Works

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Beautiful Exterior Finishes

Exterior Finishes Protect the Building and decorations. There are several ways to conduct external work.


Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Finishing with siding

To use siding you will need:

  • planks;
  • docking elements;
  • corners;
  • brackets;
  • plums are socle.

This method is well suited for brick baths. But it is better not to close structures from natural materials with siding: it prevents natural ventilation of logs. The tree stops breathing.


Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Using lining from linden

Lining is an ideal material, like for interior and exterior. For external use, the lining is taken a little thicker.

It is necessary to follow the humidity of the wall panel: it should not be higher or lower than 15%.

Lining can form gaps when drying out or, on the contrary, go "wave" at humidity. The material is mounted either on the batten or directly on the wall. Lining - one of the most inexpensive ways to upholstery.

Block house

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Block house finish

Block house is more expensive lining This material is used for plating any baths. It is mounted on the crate or directly on the wall. Lathing is often used in the case when there is no confidence in the flatness of the wall surface. When finishing a wooden structure with a block house, no insulation is used.

Imitation of timber

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Imitation of timber finish

This material is a type of wall paneling. It is a little thicker and more expensive.It is applied also, as well as lining, to internal and external works.

Facade tile

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo

The tile is mounted on the batten with self-tapping screws. This is the best option. Facade tiles will last a very long time. It does not cause the destruction of wood and is itself very resistant to adverse factors.

Finishing without special expenses

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Painting the bath The use of additional materials for external work is not so necessary. After all, the bath can be protected by simply covering it with special compositions, as well as with paint.

The technology here is pretty simple.

  1. Logs should be covered with an antiseptic to protect them from mold, mildew and rot.
  2. If there are cracks on the logs, then you need to repair them. Rotten logs change completely. Usually they are found closer to the crown of the building and under the windows. The replacement technique is the same as when repairing an old wooden house.
  3. Painting is done in 2-3 steps. First, a primer is applied to the cleaned surface. After it dries, it is necessary to apply a primer on those places that are poorly treated. When, finally, the primer layer is completely dry, you can paint with ordinary paint. Flame retardant compounds can be used. After the paint has dried, you can repeat the procedure if necessary.

Paint - a budget option. Of course, such coverage will have to be constantly updated.

When the room is finished, it remains to take care of the furniture. As a rule, all furniture is wooden. This is the best material for such premises. Wood does not burn skin and is absolutely eco-friendly. It is not recommended to cover the furniture for steam paint and other compounds.

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The following video will help you learn more about the methods of finishing:

Consider the main materials used:

Another video you can find in our video section: Video about the finishing of the bath.


Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Exterior finish

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Tile for a bath

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Finishing of the clapboard

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Panel finishing of the block house

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Stone finishing

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Sheathing outside

Finishing bath do it yourself + photo Tiling


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