Door for bath and sauna do it yourself

Private bath in a private house or in the country has traditionally been the pride of the family. At the same time, the bath is not only a place for communication and recreation for family members and guests, but also as a recreational area. At the moment, the bath is the majority of owners of country houses. After a hard working week, it is so nice to relax with your family or work colleagues, get some fresh air, and, of course, take a steam bath.

If you are planning to build a bath, then it is necessary to take into account not only the cost of materials and components, that is, not only the cost of construction. It is very important to include in the cost estimate the cost of windows, doors, furniture for a bath or font. Construction of a bath implies significant material costs. One way to save money is to make a door in the sauna with your own hands. Regardless of what type of bath you plan to build, as in any room, a door is needed here.

Features of the steam room

Door for bath and sauna do it yourself Preparation of the door opening

1. The door should be narrow and low in order to "keep out" the heat from the room.

2. The safety door must open outwards. This condition must be observed for two main reasons:

  • The iron hinges that hold the door while inside the steam room will be very hot. In order to avoid burns, loops should be placed outside the room.
  • The door must open easily or with little effort so that the steam room can be left at any time.

3. A prerequisite for proper installation of the door is the presence of a small threshold with a mandatory gap between the floor and the bottom edge, which will serve to circulate air from the steam room to the dressing room.

4. It is recommended to install a door upholstered with thermal insulation materials, the most suitable of which are:

  • mineral wool;
  • felt.

5. Hinges for the door to the bath is better to choose from brass. You also need to note that the door can slam at any time if you install the latches.

Here, perhaps, are all the basic requirements and recommendations that should guide the self-selection, manufacture and installation of a bath door. Now you know how to install the door in the bath, otherwise you can bring to life all your ideas regarding the design of the bath room.

Selection guideline

Door for bath and sauna do it yourself Installation in the frame

  • The door can be both single and double. Traditionally, in the bath set single door. In the steam room and sauna, double doors are currently the most popular.

The size of the bath door should be less than the door standard for an apartment or house, this will prevent strong steam from leaving the steam room.

Making the door for a bath is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. One of the easiest ways to self-fabricate the door is the following technology.

What you need to work

Door for bath and sauna do it yourself you need:

  • two wooden frames;
  • Fiberboard;
  • felt or mineral wool;
  • waterproof wooden material;
  • antiseptic;
  • moisture resistant substance.

So, at the initial stage it is required to sheathe wooden frames of hardboard on both sides. The free space must be filled with felt or mineral wool, the choice of the most suitable material remains for you. In any case, high-quality filling will provide you with a very good heat insulating door, which retains heat in the bath. It is very important to consider the size of the frame when making the door. The inner part must freely, without any effort enter the outer. In this case, the outer frame must exactly match the size of the doorway.

From the inside, the sheathed and insulated door should be covered with waterproof wooden material, which can be used as moisture-resistant plywood.

Among other things, the door should be soaked with moisture resistant substance. It is worth considering that the surface also needs pre-treatment with an antiseptic.


Door for bath and sauna do it yourself Insulation with mineral wool

  • Door for bath and sauna do it yourself Production of door leaf The traditional height of the bath door is about 170 cm, width - 80 cm.
  • External door insulation is welcomed. It is important to pay special attention to the insulation of the edges of the upholstery with a special roller from an airtight and elastic profile. If you decided to use a latch or a latch in the door device, then:
  • you need to have any locking mechanism inside the bath. Outer heck are dangerous for the brewer, as the door may inadvertently slam. Recently, on the door of the door do two constipation: top and bottom.Such a mechanism ensures a good tightness of the door, while ensuring the safety of people in the steam room.
  • As for the handles and hooks in the bath, here preference should be given to products made of wood to avoid possible burns in the process of kindling the sauna stove.

In conclusion, we should separately consider the issue of manufacturing doors for washing rooms in the bath.

A low temperature and high humidity can contribute to the swelling of the door, which ultimately can jam and no longer fall into place. It is also important to pay attention to the type of wood from which the door is being made.

The solution to the problem of door swelling in a bath remains for an alternative option - a door for a bath made using fiberglass. In this case, it is enough to use one frame for the door. The technology is quite simple: the frame needs to be insulated with mineral wool or foam, then the door must be trimmed with narrow sheets of fiberglass.

The exterior and performance characteristics of such doors determine their popularity. The ability to tolerate high humidity is their main advantage. To ensure maximum tightness, the fixtures for the door must be installed on both the top and bottom.

Remember that when making a bath door, you should first of all be guided by principles that guarantee the safety of your time in the bath.


A small video clip of the result:


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