Choosing a circular saw for home: features and characteristics

Nowadays, circular saws are becoming more and more popular among ordinary people. A few years ago, this tool was considered extremely professional, however, already today, circular saws enter the private life of an ordinary person. They are quite comfortable. With their help, you can make sawing of any wooden parts. And it does not depend on how thick they are. All work is done in minutes. This tool is intermediate between the chainsaw and the electric jigsaw. A chainsaw is usually used for rough sawing wood. Here it is a question of simply separating a log or a tree. About any subtlety of the work and speech can not be.

Choosing a circular saw for home: features and characteristics

Circular saw models with rubberized handles are more convenient to use.

In the case of a jigsaw, the situation is exactly the opposite. Here we are talking about the use of fine work. As for large wooden parts, using such a tool, they will not be cut. That is why the circular saw finds its application in modern society. It is able to work neatly even with the thickest wooden parts. How to make the choice of a circular saw, will be discussed further.

Main characteristics

Choosing a circular saw for home: features and characteristics

Shapes of cutting edges depending on the field of use of the saw blade.

Before you buy a particular hand saw for private use, you should think about the technical characteristics of this power tool. From this depends largely on the effectiveness of its work. Circular saw for home should fully comply with the amount of work that is planned to be performed with its help.

Almost all modern home saws have a single-phase motor. However, they often work from a regular outlet. Here it is worth noting the fact that such a tool is equipped with an engine having a brushing device, which means that over time it can wear out. No brush is everlasting. If the brush starts to wear out, that is, its graphite base has worn out, you should think about replacing it.

In fact, there is nothing complicated about it. Modern brush units are quite easy to maintain. The saw motor is its main part. From what will be its power, depend on the characteristics of the tool. So, engine power is the most important parameter of any circular saw. It is necessary to pay attention to it before buying.

Choosing a circular saw for home: features and characteristics

Anatomy of circular saws.

It depends on how powerful the saw motor will be for the house is whether it can cut rough wood and how large the disks can be installed on it for work. Here, the pattern is very simple - the higher the performance of the engine, the more rough the wood it can handle.

The weight of the instrument and its cost directly depend on this. Powerful saws cost much more than those that have small overall dimensions. When choosing a saw is worth considering, and what work with it will be done. If you plan to cut thin plywood, then you can quite get along with inexpensive average power units.

A very important parameter of any saw is the number of revolutions. At the same time, different parameters are often optimal for different wood. Therefore, it is very important that the saw for the house contains the option to adjust the spindle speed.

Practical recommendations

Choosing a circular saw for home: features and characteristics

Saws with a large positive angle of inclination of the teeth cut quickly and aggressively.

Now you can move on to the physical characteristics of circular saws. From this largely depends on the convenience of the person, and the choice itself. Before you buy a saw must be taken in hand. It should be easily held in them. It is necessary to pay attention to whether there is protection against an accidental launch. From this directly depends on the life of a person working with this tool.

Do not forget that such saws can cut wood not only at right angles, but also at an angle. To do this, use special tools that hold it in a given position. Usually, a circular saw cannot have an inclination angle of more than 45 °, but this is quite enough to produce the right cut.

For a circular saw, you can determine the depth of immersion in a tree. This option is available in most modern devices. It should be remembered that the movement of the instrument in this case is limited only by the vertical axis.

Cordless circular saws can be found on the market today. For the house such copies are unsuitable. They have limited power characteristics. Plus, they have a rather small duration of work. They find their place only in places where there is no direct access to electricity. It is here that they are indispensable.

About the safety of the work itself

Choosing a circular saw for home: features and characteristics

The smaller the teeth, the less the saw heats up.

The safe operation of the circular saw is very important. If a manual is attached to the saw, it must be familiarized with it before starting to operate the tool. It contains norms and rules of conduct during work. If the tool is used incorrectly, one of its organs can be damaged, and this is unacceptable. The instruction manual does not always contain a complete picture of the rules. Therefore it is worthwhile to talk in more detail about how to properly behave when working with such a tool.

When it comes to working with thin material, the circular saw should contain as many teeth as possible. In this case, the material will be cut very easily. In the case of coarse material, it must contain a small number of teeth. In the event that the disk is chosen incorrectly, there is a high probability that the saw mechanism itself will gradually overheat, and this most often leads to the failure of the power tool. It should be handled with the utmost care to exclude all possible damage.

The speed of its operation is very important during the operation of the saw. In this case, it must be calculated depending on the material to be cut. The correct choice of cutting modes allows you to significantly increase the service life of the tool and the working discs themselves.

Disc Features for Hand Saws

Choosing a circular saw for home: features and characteristics

Even with noise and vibration reduction tools, use hearing protection.

Today, almost all manufacturers of circular saws produce additionally and disks that have solid surfacing to their aggregates. On each such device there are hard surfacing on the teeth. They significantly expand the use of circular saws. Not every disc has the same number of teeth. If you choose the right number, you can work with almost any material under the specified conditions. These discs are much stronger than ordinary.

Here you can draw an analogy with the car. Winter and summer tires are produced for it, which are used depending on the season, which is currently outside the window. This situation is typical for saw blades. If we are talking about working with thin materials, then the disks are selected that have a large number of teeth and a fine finish. It is rather difficult to work with these discs, as they wear out quickly at high speed. Another thing, if we are talking about disks with large teeth. With their help, you can always determine the optimal mode of cutting wood.

What else to look for when choosing a circular saw?

So, now every reader knows which characteristics for the saw are the most important. It is worth discussing in more detail about the fact that first of all it is necessary to pay attention when choosing a tool.

Be sure to pay attention to the depth of the cut. This parameter is very important for work. If a person is going to work with thin materials, then, of course, the cutting depth for him does not have any primary importance. However, you need to think about future work. In the future, it is likely that you will have to work with other materials, so it is better to choose the depth of the cut with a small margin.

It is necessary to pay attention to the cap of the disc itself and its opposite side. They must be made of metal. However, everything has recently become relative, thanks to the development of Chinese industry. Even a metal instrument hailing from this country will yield to plastic options, for example, those who come from Japan.

If you plan to work not with one material, but with different materials, you need to pay attention to the fact that the saw has the ability to adjust the speed. This option allows you to properly select the modes of operation with a variety of materials, which greatly affects the life of the saw itself and the disks to it.

Choosing a circular saw for home: features and characteristics

Protective coatings on the saw blade increase its durability.

It is better to choose a unit that will allow you to make cuts at a certain angle. In this case, the scope of use of the instrument is significantly expanded, even if it is a question of using it at home.

Such an option as blocking of accidental switching on would also be superfluous. It will protect the life and health of humans.

Tool ergonomics always comes first. If a person is hampered in the final choice of an aggregate, then he definitely needs to try to hold it in his hands. This will greatly facilitate the work with the saw.If it is easily held and takes a comfortable position, then you need to take this option.

It is desirable that the disk saw comes with an extra disk and a parallel stop, which will make working with the tool much easier if you are talking about working with thin materials. In this case, ergonomics plays an important role.

Additional points

You need to buy a power tool only from trusted manufacturers who have been manufacturing it for many years.

European models have always been valued for their high quality.

The same applies to the Japanese units, the electronic part of which is always performed with the latest technology.

If we talk about Chinese models, then among them, really high-quality hand-held circular saws have recently begun to appear, which are ideal for a house because of its low cost. However, you should never confuse factory China with fakes. If a person decided to purchase an instrument on the market or in a private shop, then it is likely that he will buy a low-quality unit. At the same time he will not receive any guarantee. It is a waste of time and effort. It is better to focus on really high-quality models, so you don’t have to suffer.


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