Children's playground with their own hands (+ photos)

A prerequisite for the arrangement of a recreation area, which is divided into the territory of a suburban area, is the presence of a children's playground on it (which, of course, is true only for families with small children). That is why, when preparing a project, this element of the garden landscape should be given particular attention and with full responsibility to approach its development.

When constructing a children's playground with your own hands, you will have to take into account several difficult conditions that are compatible with each other:

  1. It should be noted that the playground should not be on the sunny side, since children will be protected from the sun during games in the open.
  2. It does not need to be made on the north side, since the ground will always be in the shade.
  3. The most reasonable solution would be to locate the playing area on the southwestern side of the site, and preference should be given to places partially protected from the sun and wind by growing crowns of nearby trees.

It is not recommended to choose a site for a playground in the lowlands with dampness characteristic of these places.

Composition of the site

Children's playground with their own hands (+ photos) Playground

The composition of the playground The following game elements may be included:

  • A sandbox designed for the youngest family members;
  • A small children's swing;
  • A sports corner or a Swedish wall;
  • The improvised "hill".

At your discretion, the complex can additionally include such entertaining game facilities, such as an improvised hut, a small house or a car. With that, what did not work for parents, more than fill the children's imagination.

Children's playground with their own hands (+ photos) Car

Next, we will look at each of the elements of the playground in more detail.

Arrangement of elements of the playground

Children's playground with their own hands (+ photos) The layout of the playground

Despite the fact that the sandbox is considered an easy play construction - it should be approached with all possible responsibility for its manufacture. Special attention will be required from you to prepare a place for this element of the children's play complex.

Before its construction, it will be necessary to remove a layer of earth in the place of your choice, and gently level the area formed during this. To divert rainwater runoff in the center of the site, drill a hole to a depth of about a meter and insert a metal or asbestos pipe into it, which is subsequently filled with rubble.

In order to protect the place of children's games from the arrival of uninvited guests - cats and dogs, the building should be covered with a lid.

Small hemp can be dug into the corners of the marked-up ground, and then upholstered with sides of an edging board, pre-treated with an antiseptic and painted in bright colors. As a result, you will receive a fence that protects the sand on the site from scattering. Or you can think of your own version.

Children's playground with their own hands (+ photos) A sandbox with a lid

A playground looks more attractive if you use bark-free sandbox as a fence logs There is another, more "fabulous" version of the fence, made in the form of a decorative fence.


Children's playground with their own hands (+ photos)

To make a swing, you will need to dig two bars into the ground with a metal pipe attached to the upper cut (sometimes you can use ordinary scrap as a crossbar).

After fixing on the crossbar of ropes with a seat from a wooden plank, a swing for children will get a completely finished look. To increase the stability of the whole structure as a whole, it can be reinforced with bracings made in the form of triangular supports. For the "bundle" of support bars with slopes, you can use small staples or nails of the appropriate size. By the way, if you wish, such swings can easily be transformed into a horizontal bar. To do this, they are simply removed fixed on the crossbar of the rope.

Sports equipment

Children's playground with their own hands (+ photos) Sports equipment at the playground

When arranging a children's playroom it will be possible to equip sites with its own elements of a sporting purpose. To do this, it will be enough for you to dig tires from trucks along the perimeter, to install another pillar next to the swings and to increase the length of the crossbar to the size that ensures the overlap of all three pillars. At the same time, in the additional span of the swing it will be possible to hang sports rings or a rope, which is quite enough to get a small sports corner.

In no case do not dig in passenger car tires on the playground, as they do not have sufficient rigidity for children to walk on them.

Children's playground with their own hands (+ photos) A rope on the playground

In case of expansion of the finished structure by another pole and manufacturing wooden lintels, you can get the “Swedish” wall that we all know with variable pitch between the individual slats.

In the case when the size of the plot is not limited - it will be possible to expand the site by building a small hill, as well as a hut or cottage. In addition, if you dream a little, you can try to make an obstacle course on it, for example, or a small prefab pool.

Children's playground with their own hands (+ photos) Colorful playground

When preparing the playground, special attention should be paid to the color range of painting materials, used to paint the individual elements of the structure. When choosing them, it is necessary to focus on colorful and cheerful tones that can support the corresponding emotional mood of the kids, always present during their games and entertainments.


In this video you can see various options for arranging children's playgrounds in the country.

In this video, you can see how you can make a children's playground yourself.


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