Calculation of the cubature of the edged and unedged boards

Before purchasing wood, you should always carefully choose what and in what quantity is required. For this you need to be able to organize the calculation of the cubic capacity of the cut board.

Calculation of the cubature of the edged and unedged boards

In order to buy you need the quantity of lumber, you must correctly calculate the cubic capacity.

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Edged board is the most popular material made of wood that is used in the construction, repair and production of furniture, as well as in the manufacture of a number of finishing materials. Externally, it can be distinguished due to a specific section, where the width exceeds the thickness at least 4 times, but more often at 5-8.

There are a number of nuances that are randomly indicated in special tables (cubic tables). Such tables are almost always compiled by hand, since this allows to avoid minor errors, which are so tangible in practice. Before calculating the cubature of the edged board, you need to decide on a number of parameters of interest:

Calculation of the cubature of the edged and unedged boards

Timber calculation table.

  1. Physical dimensions are the main indicator, therefore it is filled in any case. Usually recorded in millimeters, but the length can be spelled in meters.
  2. The volume of 1 instance is recorded in cubic meters. The formula for calculating V = a * h * l, where a is the width, h is the height, l is the length.
  3. Number of copies per 1 m³. Formula V1 = 1 / V.
  4. The mass, humidity and wood species are indicated separately. To calculate the mass, it will be necessary to know not only the name of the wood, but also its humidity, as well as the place of the cut.

A special feature of calculating the dimensions of an unedged board is its unevenness, therefore, the tables indicate the average width, and the thickness is completely omitted for convenience. Now you can begin the calculation of the cubature of the cut and unedged boards on the example of the most popular options:

Wood type Dimensions, mm Volume 1 pc . m³ Quantity per 1 m³, pcs.
Edged board 25x100x6000 0.015 66.7
32x150x7000 0.0336 29.8
25x200x7000 0.035 28.6
35x200x6000 0.042 23.8
Unedged 25x6000 0.015 66.7
30x6000 0.018 55.6
30x7000 0.021 47, 6

Summing up

After you managed to independently calculate the cubature, you no longer have to always believe the information provided, since the calculation of the cubature will be every time take less time.

You should not try to form a familiar geometrical figure, since in this case only general algebraic parameters are with it.

And sometimes you can even see 4 bars of 200x200x6000 mm and not guess that they occupy such a significant amount.

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