Boiler for working out with their own hands (waste oil)

The waste oil boiler is one of the most efficient and affordable heating devices. They can be equipped with various rooms of various purposes. Used oil, used during boiler operation, is not only characterized by high productivity, but can also save significant funds of the owner. Such devices can be easily combined with other heating devices - air heaters and hot water boilers.

In the article we will tell how to make a boiler by working out with our own hands, we will provide drawings and video instructions.

Efficiency of using the boiler for working off

Boiler for working out with their own hands (waste oil) Used motor fuel

the boiler is being worked out in places where there is no possibility of using centralized heating or there are periodic interruptions in the supply of fuel or other resources.

The use of a boiler with used oil resolves two problems simultaneously: disposal of used oil and practically free heating of rooms.

After self-assembly of the boiler, you will receive equipment with a capacity of up to 15 kW, which will be enough to warm up the area to 50 square meters. The system is heated to 80 degrees in 1.5 hours.

For the production of a boiler for working out, you should prepare:

  • a circulation pump;
  • a burner;
  • a compressor;
  • a boiler;
  • expansion tank;
  • input and output lines in the assembly;
  • welding equipment.

But before you start assembling and installing this equipment, you need to consider a security system for its use. During boiler operation, combustion products must be removed from the heated space. To do this, you must install a chimney. To protect the ceiling from heating when it comes into contact with it, a cover is required. You also need to ensure that it has a thrust and put a special valve, which, if necessary, will overlap it. It will also serve as protection against uncontrolled and accidental entry of air outside the room, including preventing cooling of the space while the equipment is not in use.

It is imperative that the room is ventilated and fresh air is available. The burner used in the manufacture of the boiler is usually of an open type. This means that oxygen will be burned, which is located in a heated room. Because of this feature of the burner used, there is a real danger of poisoning consumers with carbon monoxide gas.

Equipment installation rules

Boiler for working out with their own hands (waste oil) Scheme

Position the boiler in a room so that no inflammable materials are near it. It should consider the implementation of the minimum fire safety rules. They should be followed when choosing the location of the unit. To install the boiler find a place that must meet several criteria simultaneously. First of all, easy accessibility, because quite often it is necessary to add fuel to the tank. At the same time, the boiler should not interfere with the convenient movement around the room. Due to the heating of the exterior of the unit, it must be remembered that it will not be safe to touch its body.

Boiler ignition

Boiler for working out with their own hands (waste oil) How it works

For fast ignition, you can go to the chamber combustion to add up to 100 grams. flammable liquid (diesel fuel, kerosene or special liquid). Make a wick out of paper and moisten it thoroughly with liquid on one side. Burn the wick and, through the ashpit or top cover, lower it to the bottom of the chamber by turning on the fan. Hot liquid will easily flare up, and after a few minutes the oil will boil, the boiler will warm up and go into operation.

Additional recommendations for the use of the device

Boiler for working out with their own hands (waste oil) Elements of the device

For aesthetically appealing the appearance of the boiler can be painted on the outside with heat-resistant varnish or special paint. The base of the floor on which the unit will be installed, it is desirable to lay out heat-resistant ceramic tiles or natural stone. It is not recommended to install the equipment in such a way that there is furniture or various interior items near it.

It is forbidden to sheathe the boiler with wooden panels or plastic clapboard for obvious reasons of fire safety.

Adhering to simple requirements, it is possible to use the boiler for working out for heating, not only household, industrial, but also for equipping residential premises for long and without fear. You just need to constantly remember that this type of heating equipment is not completely safe. Although this definition applies to any type of heating boilers.


An example of a boiler to be worked on in the following video:

On how to arrange a chimney for a boiler to be worked out:


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