attachment to a silicate block with hairpins and a chemical

The structure that carries the main roof pressure is called the power plate. The main purpose of the mauerlat is to evenly distribute the various loads that load-bearing walls assume. The durability and durability of the roof will depend on the mounting of the power plate. It is enough just to mount the mauerlat to the silicate block. The most important thing is that the preliminary preparation for the implementation of all technological operations is carried out correctly. For the decision of such task the wooden bar is used. If a log is used, then it must have a clipped end for a tight connection with the wall.

attachment to a silicate block with hairpins and a chemical

Diagram of the roof truss system.

For the assembly of the mauerlat, wood blocks pre-impregnated with a special antiseptic substance are used. A solid mauerlat must be fastened over the entire area of ​​the structure, therefore the joining of several bars occurs by means of a direct lock. Its size must match the size of the selected block. Additional fastening of parts of the lock is performed with ordinary nails. The result is a monolithic rigid structure, to which the rafter legs are mounted.

Before making a mauerlat, it is necessary to carry out a preliminary preparation of a reliable foundation. When using aerated concrete masonry walls ends in y-shaped blocks, it turns out a powerful reinforced concrete belt. When filling these blocks with foam concrete, special studs are inserted. The installation of the studs is checked by the tensioned line. Before you mount the power plate, pre-drilled holes in the bars, which subsequently will be inserted studs.

Before starting to mount the mowerlat, it is necessary to prepare the base. Creating a reinforcing belt is an indispensable condition when the roof arrangement is made. This is especially true of the walls, the material of which was aerated or foam concrete (foam block). The reinforced concrete belt, which plays the role of a strapping, protects the foam concrete blocks from pushing. With it, there is a uniform distribution of static loads, which creates a roof on the total area of ​​the load-bearing walls.

Creating a reinforcing belt

attachment to a silicate block with hairpins and a chemical

Technology for creating a reinforcing belt.

A concrete tape is made that has a minimum dimension of 200 x 150 m. It is fixed on the inside of the wall.

Installation steps:

  1. First, formwork is made over the entire area of ​​the building, and gables are necessarily processed.
  2. By applying Y-shaped blocks, a reinforced concrete belt is made.
  3. The frame is being assembled, for which an iron bar or reinforcement with a diameter of 10 mm is used. It is necessary to withstand an armature protrusion of approximately 4 cm.
  4. To mount the mauerlat on foam concrete, 14 mm threaded rods are mounted, in 1 m steps.
  5. Concrete is used to fill the block, M-200 is considered the most suitable .

Half of the formwork is removed after seven days, the mounting plate is held.

Processing of wooden structures

Before installation, the bars are treated with a special antiseptic that protects against rotting and the appearance of microorganisms. Logs are closed with a special waterproofing material. In most cases, polymer bitumen is used. Do not use ruberoid.

attachment to a silicate block with hairpins and a chemical

Mauerlat mounting scheme on the anchor bolt.

It is well known that the strength of the construction depends on the quality of the material. Wooden bars should not have cracks, they should not be knots. Wood moisture should be maintained according to building codes.

In the case of the use of "raw" wood by the developer, it is necessary, during fasteners, to be able to adjust the anchor nut. Such an operation is performed once a year and is repeated for five years. During this time, wet wood is subjected to intense shrinkage. Each time it becomes drier, less and less it is necessary to tighten the anchor nut.

In order to mount the mauerlat to the foam concrete (foam block), anchors with special dowels can be used. Used and the chemical method of fasteners.

For aerated concrete walls, very often a special armopoyas are made, especially for the mauerlat. This is the best fastener, as the box is strengthened at home, the overall structure becomes rigid. Armopoyas is a layer that makes walls horizontal. Since aerated concrete (foam block) is a soft material that is not designed for the installation of anchor fasteners, therefore, this option fastening Mauerlat considered the most preferred.

Y-shaped blocks are the most suitable for the device of arm-belt.

attachment to a silicate block with hairpins and a chemical

The mounting scheme of the Mauerlat to the armored belt to the hairpin.

They should be installed over the entire area of ​​the house, the walls of which are made of aerated concrete, so that a continuous chute is obtained. Corner blocks must have cuts in order to avoid interruption of the gutter. Then the reinforcing or steel framework is mounted. The diameter of the cross bars must be at least 6 mm. The welded frame is placed in the gutter, after which everything is poured with a solution of concrete.

Threaded anchors are tied to armored wire with ordinary knitting wire. They need to be fixed exactly so that they are straight along the line and only vertically. The number of anchoring is made equal to the number of rafters, and the place where the anchoring is located, is chosen so that there is no coincidence with the place where the rafters are located.

After the concrete completely hardens, the anchors will be firmly secured in the armored belt. Then to the studs with ordinary nuts and washers attached to the power plate.

Fastening the mauerlat with studs, immured directly into the masonry

In small houses that have a light roof, where there will not be large loads and powerful impacts to fix the mauerlat, apply studs that are concreted directly into the masonry. These studs are metal bolts that have a g-shaped look. Studs can be replaced with bolts welded to a steel square of various sizes.

The studs are mounted directly into the wall masonry when several rows remain before it is completed (no matter what, even from the foam blocks). It is necessary to take into account its length when installing the stud. It should be with allowance for the thickness of the timber and the installation of the lock nut. Subsequent installation is carried out similarly to fastening anchor bolts. As the masonry solidifies, a timber is laid on the studs, which is tightly attracted by nuts.

Chemical method of fixing the power plate

Perhaps this is the cheapest method. Fixing capsule costs 150 rubles. Due to the fact that the chemical penetrates deep into the pores of the material, there is a strong and very strong fixation of the power plate with aerated concrete. On top of that, the chemical improves the surface layer of foam concrete; it provides additional thermal insulation.

For fastening the power plate, you need to use only the best and highest quality materials. Wooden bars and blocks should not have cracks and knots, mounted waterproofing should not be damaged. Such work requires the use of special tools, their quality must be taken care of. For example, to spare:

  • punch;
  • sledgehammer;
  • tape measure;
  • construction knife;
  • chainsaw.

It is very important to perform accurate calculations. From the correctness of the choice of materials, the calculations carried out depends on the future quality and time of work on fixing the power plate. Armopoyas can be replaced with monolithic pillows, with the condition that their length does not exceed 400 mm. This method is most often used when laying brick walls.

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