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Wooden houses are the basis of Russian national architecture. Today, beautiful Russian traditions in architecture are becoming increasingly popular, technology is being improved, high-tech equipment is used, high-quality durable materials, including timber, design and estimate documentation is also developed, containing regulatory documents, instructions for preparing a project and estimates. The estimate includes a plan for the construction of the house.

algorithm, auxiliary table, example (video)

Before building a house, it is necessary to compile the necessary documentation and calculate the beam.

When constructing log houses, a competent calculation of the beam is necessary, the success of the project depends on it. Consider some features of lumber, log houses, examples of counting the amount of building material for the construction of wooden buildings.

Characteristics of timber as building materials

Timber is considered one of the most common building materials. Efficient material processing on specialized equipment provides a smooth surface.

A bar is a square-shaped construction element with a thickness and width of 100 mm, which is made of logs by cutting it from 4 sides. Bars are a type of edged lumber. Standard dimensions of the sawn timber section in construction: 100Х100; 100Х150; 100x200; 150x200; 200x200 The standard length is 6 m. By individual orders it is possible to manufacture blanks with other section sizes and lengths.

algorithm, auxiliary table, example (video)

The advantages of timber for building a house.

Bar-shaped baths, luxury cottages and houses are built in all countries of the world. Lumber buildings have a lot of advantages:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • strength;
  • favorable microclimate;
  • construction speed;
  • magnificent appearance;
  • technology often does not require finishing work and leveling;
  • high performance;
  • durability;
  • easy installation;
  • the presence of a vast usable area;
  • the availability of building materials.


  • susceptibility to deformation during the drying process;
  • uneven gaps in the construction crowns;
  • the appearance of cracks on the facade in the process of shrinkage;
  • inability to achieve high accuracy when mating bars.

Bars are used in the construction of gables, balconies, verandas, terraces, also spend on the crate, rafters, window openings, staircases, ceilings, supports, frames, and other elements. The use of this lumber is necessary in the work of furniture and repair companies.

How to calculate the volume of lumber?

algorithm, auxiliary table, example (video)

Auxiliary table for calculating the cubic capacity of a timber for building a house.

It is very easy to make approximate calculations of the consumption of a bar for a house. The volume of lumber, which is required for the construction of the building, is a cubic capacity. Counting the required number of timber for a house involves finding a material consumption for a log house, consisting of several crowns, without floor and roofing. Counting the required number of timber, measure the height of the walls, the length of each wall, find the sum of the lengths of structures, the result is multiplied by the specified section area. Consider an example of counting the cubic capacity of a beam to a house.

A classic blockhouse of a log house has 4 walls. Let's set their sizes: height and length on 5 m, the sectional area of ​​the material - 160x160; the perimeter is a square. The sum of the lengths of all walls is: 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 20 m. Now we find the product of the perimeter and height: 20 * 5 = 100, the final value is multiplied by the section area: 100 * 0.16 = 16 m³. Conclusion: 16 m³ of timber is required per house, the height and length of each of the 4 walls of which is 5 m.

Consider one more example. Suppose you want to build a bath, the length, width, height of the walls of the framework of which correspond to the values ​​of 8; 10; 5 m. The sawn timber section is 200x200 mm, its length is 11 m. We find the perimeter of the walls: (8 + 10) * 2 = 36 m. Volume of 1 beam: 11 * 0.2 * 0.2 = 0.44 m³. The number of bars that are placed on the height of the wall: 5 / 0,2 = 25 pcs. Calculation of the amount of bar for a bath in cubic capacity: 36 * 5 * 0.2 = 36 m³.

The expense of a bar on the house represents a part of design and estimate works which are conducted at a construction of buildings and constructions.

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