Karkasniki do-it-yourself: nuances and features (video)

When planning to start building your own home, any person thinks about its attractive appearance and convenient layout. The essential point in this question is the method of construction and the choice of the type of materials.

Karkasniki do-it-yourself: nuances and features (video)

Design scheme for a frame house.

So, a new house can be brick or concrete. Build carcasses with their own hands is completely simple. There is no need to expend large amounts of energy and engage in painstaking and hard work. It is possible to build such houses to one person, without resorting to the help of other people. To cope with the rise of difficult beams, you can build a device similar to those that stand at the wells. At the time of completion of work it can be easily folded.

Work should start with a frame house project with your own hands. For its compilation, it is necessary to provide such indicators as the length of the bars and floor boards. Using insufficient length of such bases, it is possible to significantly relax the device.

Foundation construction

Karkasniki do-it-yourself: nuances and features (video)

Scheme of the pile foundation of the frame house.

It is possible to manufacture a frame-type house if a detailed plan is developed for work. After that, you can carry out construction. The foundation of any building is the construction of the foundation. A house of this kind is distinguished by a low weight of the structure; for this reason, there is no particular need to construct a solid foundation. A suitable option would be a pile-type wreck. Plot points should be marked on the diagram. The allowable distance between their parts will be 80-100 cm.

The selected area is marked with impacted stakes, then wells of 120-150 cm in depth and with a diameter of 200 mm are drilled at these points. For the manufacture of piles are selected stainless steel pipes with a diameter of 100 mm. You can take the asbestos option. It is very important when setting pipes to monitor their equivalent height. You can clarify these readings using the level. As a base, you can use the initial pipe The rope is tensioned, and all elements are fitted to the same size.

Pipes should be covered with sand and trampled down. For their internal pouring, a solution of cement, sand and fine crushed stone is used. To install lags as firmly as possible, they must be reinforced with metal clips having the configuration of the letter "T". You can make them yourself. It is very important to monitor the installation. Moreover, one of the parts sits firmly in the dissolved mass, and the other is attached with a support lag. An important advantage of this foundation will be the rapid start of construction of the building. After about 10 days, construction work can begin.

The necessary tools for building a house with their own hands

Karkasniki do-it-yourself: nuances and features (video)

Tools for the construction of a frame house.

To build a structure of such a sample, complex and expensive devices are not needed. But in order to maximally facilitate and speed up construction, it is preferable to use:

  • saw with a disk;
  • a screwdriver;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • a hacksaw manual view;
  • level;
  • nail catcher;
  • metal square;
  • tape measure 3 m and 7 m long;
  • hammer ;
  • small and medium ax;
  • large-sized tongs.

The construction of the frame: features

The support of any structure is assembled from timber or made boards. Installation of a frame house with their own hands passes exactly on such a plan. It is worth paying attention to the connection of nearby beams. After all, a well-chosen and cohesive bundle will provide the foundation with power and strength. Not bad, if the whole structure will be reinforced with screws. Despite the painstaking actions of such actions and a noticeable lengthening of their terms, the building will acquire a special fortress. Under the lags of the supporting character you need to put ruberoid. This approach will provide reliable waterproofing of the building.

Karkasniki do-it-yourself: nuances and features (video)

Construction scheme for frame walls.

Vertical supports are reinforced with staples. To make such constructions, it is enough to take a piece of reinforcement 50 cm long and sharpen them from 2 sides; further, they are bent in the shape of the letter “P”. They are hammered into vertical and horizontal beams at an inclination of 45 degrees. This approach will significantly strengthen the frame structure. To build such elements can be in the forge. However, in any case, it is possible to refuse such a method of fastening.

Having determined the floor lags, work should be done on the flooring of the boards. For such purposes, they are placed face down, while nailing is worth refusing. In this way, you can achieve their natural straightening. It is most convenient to carry out any construction work if the floor is already laid in the building. To keep the boards from moving, they can be lightly fixed with a few nails. For setting bars vertical direction is to focus on the flatness of the wall. For such purposes, you need to stock up with twine and level.

Wall paneling: nuances

Making wall constructions involves more than one option. For their finishing slabs are used WWS, which significantly simplifies the construction of the base. There will be no need to mount the braces of the longitudinal location and the U-shaped brackets. Such plates contribute to the correct fixation of the building base. As a result, additional beams are not required for reinforcement.

External wall cladding can be made with OSV-3 slabs.

Karkasniki do-it-yourself: nuances and features (video)

Wall covering scheme for a frame house.

They are not afraid of high humidity and do an excellent job. As soon as the framework will be built, sheathing can be carried out. Begin work from the corner, gradually moving to the wall. These boards are fixed with screws.

Once this work is done, it is possible to eliminate stubborn elements installed for a certain time. The frame, decorated with such plates, is reliable and sturdy.

Roof construction

The first step is to make a roof. Special recommendations and originality of the installation will not be here. Make it follows the classic version, fixed rafters on the base of the house. Features and originality of the flooring of the roof is determined by the preferences of the owner and his material capabilities. In buildings on the frame is quite possible to build an attic.

Installation of the floor

Further work on the construction of the frame house will be connected with the flooring. To do this, the pre-laid wood is turned upside down with the necessary part and firmly nailed.

Heat-insulating measures

Karkasniki do-it-yourself: nuances and features (video)

Scheme of overlapping of the frame house.

The core part of the building has been completed, and now we are starting work on weatherization of the building. For these purposes, often used mineral plates or basalt. This material is laid from the inside of the building, in the space between the beams. And they must enter into this space with difficulty. Once this work is done, you can install a vapor barrier.

Warming of the roof follows the same pattern. The presence of the attic in the structure provides the basis for fixing the heat-insulating material in the space between the rafters. Its absence allows installation between ceiling ceilings. Regardless of the design, no vapor barrier is necessary.

Facing the walls of a frame house from the inside is done according to its own taste and the material capabilities of the owner. For this it is quite possible to use drywall or OSV boards. The first option is convenient, because the coating itself already has a ready base. You only need a small seal of the seams, after which you can proceed to the final design of the room.

Conducting wiring

Increased interest must be shown to conduct electricity in a frame house. To install wiring in such buildings, it is necessary to protect it with a material with a fireproof base, and from all sides. The main problem lies precisely here. Usually electrical wiring is located inside a metal pipe or corrugated sheath. However, the latter option presents the danger of unexpected damage. For example, this can be done unintentionally with the help of hammered nails, and screwed in screws. Making wires in a metal sleeve requires grounding measures.

Karkasniki do-it-yourself: nuances and features (video)

Roof scheme of a frame house.

Of course, such work will lead to substantial material costs. Doing such work yourself is not worth it, because it can lead to an unexpected fire and loss of structure. It is best to contact an electrician for help.

Good results are obtained by posting an open version. Cleverly organized, it will only emphasize the best sides of the building, thereby creating a certain style in the room. So, it will be an excellent complement to the direction characteristic of the post-Soviet period. To create a complete image, you can pick up lamps of the past era, switches and sockets. Also, the wires can be hidden in a special box. This way of decorating the room will create an original and unique look of the whole room, bring in a hint of novelty and originality. In addition, this option will not bring great finishing material losses.

Installation of window and door openings. To determine these elements of the structure in its place, you should not apply special forces, because they are attached very simply.

The blind area mechanism. Considerable attention in the construction of a frame house is paid to the installation of the basement. Its dimensions are determined by the height of the delivered piles, which are built at the beginning of construction work. First you need to make a blind area, it is necessary for the construction of the basement walls. After that, you need to do work with the space of the base. Its dimensions will be determined by the height of the piles built at the beginning. The allowable distance is 30-40 cm.

First remove the outer soil layer. The blind area can be any. Here you need to monitor the capture of its located on the edge of the pile. Outside mounted timbering of wood or other material. From the inside, it can be the extracted earth. This method is notable for its convenience, which does not require additional export operations.

Fine-grained crushed stone is poured into the trench. After that, it is poured with molten bitumen. This layer will serve as a waterproofing foundation of the building. Then the cement solution is made and the base is poured.

Construction of the base. After 2 weeks, work begins on the construction of the walls of the basement. Any brick is taken as material. Do not forget about the ventilation openings. To do this, it will be enough to leave small holes measuring 15x15 cm. Then a small grate or a regular metal mesh is inserted into them. Such actions will save the basement from the penetration of rodents.

Facing the exterior walls of a frame house

By finishing the exterior walls of a building, you can choose almost any material. Modern manufacturers produce a huge variety of such products. The simplest option is to choose a common surface primer and subsequent painting of the building. Here it is important the personal desire of the owner and his possibilities of a material nature.

Taking into account all the listed recommendations and a detailed plan, you can build a frame structure on your own.


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