How to hang the door - how to install the door

For most, it may seem that the installation of doors is a complicated process and cannot be managed without the help of qualified specialists. However, in fact, this work can be done independently. Moreover, having learned how to hang doors , and completing their installation by yourself, you can save your money.

For this, you will need the tools:

  • Foam.
  • Set of anchor bolts and screws.
  • Level.
  • Chisel.
  • Stouslo.
  • Hacksaw for wood.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Puncher.

With this set of tools, you can not only easily hang the doors, but also carry out all the preparatory work.

Preparatory work - assembly of the box and installation of hinges

How to hang the door - how to install the door Assembly of the door frame

If you installed the old doors together with the box, then the first thing you need to do is to assemble a new box. According to the size of the doors, it is necessary to cut the side and top rack, which are then connected with screws.

Leave a gap of five millimeters when assembling a new box. This gap can prevent friction and looping of the doors when they are installed.

How to hang the door - how to install the door Layout for loops

As soon as the box is ready, you should proceed with the installation of the loop. There are some nuances here. For example, if the door is heavy, it is recommended to install three hinges, although in most cases two is enough. The hinges themselves cut directly into the canvas at a distance of 0.2 mm from the upper and lower edges of the doors. Attaching a loop to the end with a pencil can be drawn around the contour. The depth of the trench under the canopy should fully comply with its thickness, and it is done with a chisel.

How to hang the door - how to install the door Inset hinges

The same is done on the door itself, installing the second part of the canopy on it. It is important to correctly measure the desired height of the canopy, screwed to the canvas. To do this, the door is attached to the box and in front of the awnings already installed, an appropriate mark is made. Each loop is screwed with screws. Best of all, they were the color of awnings. It will not be aesthetically pleasing if the canopy is golden and the screw is black.

Before cutting the loops, make sure that they are located exactly in size.

It should be noted that the installation of the loops will largely depend on their type:

  1. Bar loops.
  2. Hidden loops.
  3. Screw loops.
  4. Universal overhead (without tie-in).
  5. Overhead detachable (with sidebar).

Installing the finished box

How to hang the door - how to install the door

From the place where the box is to be installed, it is necessary to remove all foreign objects, for example, remnants of cement and plaster. This stage of work is the most crucial, since the final result will depend on its accuracy. Any deviation will result in door jamming.

Install the structure that you made into the opening itself. On two planes align it with the level. To fix the structure it is necessary to use wedges prepared from wood in advance. They should be hammered into the gap formed between the opening and the door frame.

How to hang the door - how to install the door Installation of the door frame

The box can be fixed in two ways. If the door is lightweight, then it will be enough to fill the space well in the opening. For massive doors, special anchors are used. For their installation, a hole corresponding to their length is drilled through the box. To give an esthetic look decorative caps are used with which openings are closed. Moreover, in order to make them as inconspicuous as possible, you can drill holes near the shed.

The end of the work is better than its beginning. Hanging the canvas

How to hang the door - how to install the door Hanging the door leaf

Before you hang the doors, make sure that the door frame is well fixed . In the event that at the previous stages of work you did everything exactly to the millimeter, then you will not have any problems. On the fixed hinges just clings to the door leaf.

In order to ensure good performance, open the doors several times and close. Make sure the doors do not close by themselves. If this happens, then at one of the stages you made a mistake. To fix it, you may need to reinstall the hinges.

If you have already installed doors on your own more than once, we will be glad to hear your valuable experience. Leave your comments on this article!


We recommend watching the video about the proper hanging of the doors.



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