Farmland with his own hands - arrangement of the site + photo

Do you have a plot? Do you dream to create a natural corner on it, combining non-living compositions with greenery? In this case, you have a desire to enjoy the gifts of fruit trees and cultivated plants? Then you need to familiarize yourself with the basics of landscape design, agronomy and crop production. Our article will help you with this!

If you decide to begin landscaping the territory, then first of all you will need to carry out several preparatory activities, which, as it may seem, are not directly related to planting plants. However, a competent approach and following the plan will help to plant the plants and create a personal plot with your own hands as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Immerse yourself in work! Designing a project

Farmland with his own hands - arrangement of the site + photo Landscape design layout

Any work starts with a plan or project, and landscaping home plot is also no exception. It is important to take into account all the details: domestic, natural and climatic features. Particularly noteworthy plots that have a small area.

The choice of plants: heat-loving, cold-resistant, annual or perennial depends on weather conditions and temperature. An important role is played by how the site is lit during the day. For planting light-loving, shade-loving and tolerating penumbra flower plants need different conditions, but in almost all cases, you can combine them. The way of gardening, among other things, depends on the presence or absence of inland waters and the irrigation system. If your territory has a lot of groundwater, then you need to make it drainage. It also determines whether artificial reservoirs will be created on the site.

When planning landscaping work, attention should be paid to the features of the relief. Each seemingly unsightly slide or hollow can serve to create a unique design.

Consider the location of the plot - this is the northern or southern slope. This is the only way to determine whether the area is protected from the wind or not, which also affects the choice of plants.

Farmland with his own hands - arrangement of the site + photo The hedge

The fence can not only fulfill its main purpose, but also beautify the site, therefore, when creating a project, attention should be paid to its selection. The hedge enhances the site and gives it individuality and naturalness. Usually it is made in two rows. For security, a low metal mesh is stretched between the rows. After two years, the shrubs grow into the net, which makes it invisible to the eye. Japanese quince, hawthorn, thuja and other ornamental plants are suitable for decoration of a green hedge. Shrubs are trimmed in the second year after disembarkation. A hedge is formed by a side and top haircut, and it is held no more than twice a year.

You can design with the help of special programs on your computer. Thus, you will create a 3D image that will allow you to visually see the results of work and, if necessary, make immediate changes. On the Internet you can download free software for creating landscape projects. If computer design is beyond your power, then the problem is solved with a pencil, ruler and compass. For a start, you will need to transfer the plot plan to the graph paper. Then you can make the project all the desired changes in landscaping and small construction.

We consider important! Rules of gardening

Farmland with his own hands - arrangement of the site + photo Rules of gardening

The way of gardening a site belonging to a house depends more on this how much time in a year you will spend there. If you have to improve the dacha, then, perhaps, you should not complicate the design, for example, equipping it with reservoirs, for which you need to take care, especially in early spring and late autumn, but as practice shows, there is no one to do it. A more productive solution may be simple landscaping using both ornamental and cultivated plants.

The first thing the owner should take care of is to equip the drainage system of the entire site.

It is great when it is possible to organize automatic, uniform watering of the entire territory. In the process of preparing the suburban area for landscaping, it is necessary to install lighting devices and install retaining walls. If you are planning to build a gazebo and a bath, try to do this before planting perennials. Pay special attention to the tracks on the site. It is very important to adhere to the previously drawn plan of landscaping as closely as possible.

To make the tracks look more natural, make them twisty with natural materials. For accurate project compliance, use pegs and ropes for marking.

If you have to plant trees adjacent to the estate, but you don’t have much time to take care of the plants, it is better to give preference to those that do not need to be replanted for the winter. It can be coniferous, fruit krupnomer and deciduous plants. For high-quality planting of shrubs, the late autumn period is best suited, but it is permissible to do this in the spring. Planted plants, trees and shrubs in a pre-prepared trench with a drainage layer. It should also be borne in mind that hedges and vines are very sensitive to care, namely mulching and fertilizer.

Farmland with his own hands - arrangement of the site + photo Original bed

In order for the beds to be attractive during the whole warm period of the year, it is necessary to combine annual and perennial plants, that bloom all season:

  1. Crocuses, snowdrops, tulips and daffodils bloom in early spring.
  2. Lilies of the valley, irises, peonies, violets and lilies bloom in late spring.
  3. Phloxes, bells, gladioli, delphinium and poppies bloom throughout the summer.
  4. In early autumn, dahlias, asters and goldenrock will delight you with their flowering.
  5. Chrysanthemums bloom in mid-autumn.

It is important to know that during the formation of flower beds, warm, soft and harmonious flowers should be planted on the sunny side of the plot, and contrasting flower beds take root well and look in shaded places.

Nonstandard gardening. Create a vertical landscape

Farmland with his own hands - arrangement of the site + photo Vertical landscape

Vertical is the landscaping method, which is carried out by means of standing and hanging structures with their subsequent landscaping. Among other things, the vertical landscape can hide the unsightly walls of outbuildings. Most often, such a project is created in those places where it is impossible to plant plants in the usual way. For it are used:

  • grates;
  • stairs;
  • hanging vases.

Any infield becomes extraordinary if it is landscaped using the vertical method.

In order for lively vertical plantations to look attractive and aesthetically pleasing, think over the design parameters and their configuration. Choose the appropriate pot that can take a worthy place in the composition. They are made more often from ceramics and less often from other materials having different shapes and textures. Pots can be made in the form of various shapes or objects.

The design, which is intended for a vertical landscape, is a series of special devices used for the sequential arrangement of plants and their further fixing on wall surfaces. They have the form of frames, on which PVC plates with two layers of fiber are fixed, in structure similar to felt, although in reality it consists of polyamide.

Such designs, together with the equipment for the delivery of fertilizers and moisture to plants, are sold in specialized stores. But, if you have a great desire to work hard, then you can make them yourself.

As for plants for a vertical landscape, here too there are some nuances. They should be chosen on the basis of the conditions in which they will grow. Planted plants should be in this order:

  • The bottom row - moisture-loving and shade-loving species.
  • Middle rows - less needing to darken and watering specimens.
  • The top row is light-loving and not afraid of the wind.

Having made a decision on purchasing ready-made vertical structures for landscape design, pay attention to the quality of the materials used for manufacturing, and be sure to follow the operating instructions indicated on the product packaging.

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Farmland with his own hands - arrangement of the site + photo Recreation Area

Farmland with his own hands - arrangement of the site + photo Swans on a visit

Farmland with his own hands - arrangement of the site + photo Playground

Farmland with his own hands - arrangement of the site + photo Decorative pond

Farmland with his own hands - arrangement of the site + photo Alpine Hill

Do you already have experience in creating landscape design? Are you the author of a vertical gardening project? Have you had any difficulties when designing the landscape, creating a watering system or when draining the soil? Share your knowledge and skills with us! We will be glad to learn something new! Write comments on the article!

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We offer to watch a video about the basics of landscape design.


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