About Us

Moin Moin!

Introducing Frollein Danz – we are nine professionally qualified Hamburg-based dancers. In 2015 we started out as a duo. Already then, we wanted to share our love for dance with those around us. One year later, we welcomed three more talents in our midst. Now we are nine and we want to produce and present dance.
We offer high-quality dance performances with high entertainment value. Consequently, we can be booked for various events, parties or private functions, where we will entertain, delight and inspire you and your guests. Frollein Danz stands for great commitment and even greater passion for dance.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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Regardless of the number of dancers – as an independent show act or as a background for musical acts – in addition to high quality dancing, sophisticated choreographies are very important to us. If interested, we could offer interactive choreographies, which include the audience into the performance. For example, this could be implemented in a flashmob.


Our performances are influenced by various dancing styles. We use elements from classical dance, as well as styles like contemporary, urban, jazz, modern and show dance. As music and themes are concerned, we are flexible and open to your individual concepts and suggestions.


All of us have undergone a professional dance education and draw upon a divers and long-standing dance experience. We believe that it is crucial to expose ourselves to new and continuing dance education and training in order to never learn out. Resulting, we merge professionalism with creative dancing variety. Above all, Frollein Danz exemplifies the will to be passionately involved in everything you do.