Bath bath diy

One way to improve one’s health and increase the vitality of the whole body is to visit the sauna regularly. However, to achieve good results, you should use temperature "shock therapy" - use dousing or bathing in a font with cold water.

A font can be of several types:

  • wooden;
  • plastic;
  • concrete.

Bath bath diy Concrete

The installation location may also vary:

  • in the bathhouse;
  • in the street.

Material, location and volume are selected based on the personal preferences of the owner.

If the room in the bath is too small, then there is nothing else left but to arrange the font outside. In this case, it is desirable to make it of concrete or plastic, since the wooden structure on the street will not last for a long time.

If the bath room allows you to select a separate room for the equipment in its structure, you can use any suitable building material. Depending on the size of the additional room, you can equip the whole rest room.

Depending on how many people will use the bath at the same time, the appropriate volume of the font is selected.

Installation on the street

Bath bath diy The font outside the bath with the podium

The easiest way capacity organization is the choice of the finished plastic form. If a plastic container of the required size is mounted on the street, it is worthwhile to provide for it a foundation that ensures its stability, possibilities for filling and draining water, and also a water purification device. Not be superfluous and canopy. The plastic form is very light, so much attention should be paid to giving it stability.

At the same time, plastic is a very convenient building material - because of its resistance to frost, corrosion and external influences. Therefore, the most suitable way of placing the plastic form outside the bath will be its penetration into the ground.

For this, you need to prepare a pit to fit the shape. To preserve the font in the cold, you can concreted bottom and walls of the pit.

Bath bath diy Plastic font

A concrete construction is no less convenient outdoor option. Basically, concrete fonts are settled down. Initially, you need to prepare a pit of suitable size, lay a gravel-sand pillow, rebar and concrete - first the bottom, and then, with the help of formwork - the walls. In the concrete form, you can install the finished plastic form, or to finish the walls with facing material - for example, tiles. Tile must be planted on a special glue.

When the font is located outside the bath, the main problem is to organize the change of water and its cleaning. To protect against falling leaves, dust and snow, you need to install a carport and take care of a special awning that can be used to close the structure while it is not needed.

Installation in the room

Back to the question of choosing a building material. Of course, wood is much preferable - because it is not only a versatile material suitable for any interior, but also because the wooden font has valuable healing properties.

Bath bath diy Assembling the font

The wooden structure is wooden boards, fastened together with a metal hoop - in fact, the font is a big barrel. You can get into it with a small ladder.

To ensure a long service life, a wood product must be treated with special means. In the case of rotting boards, it may require partial or complete replacement of the wooden structure.

Bath bath diy Tightening device

If you plan to make a buried font of concrete or plastic, you must first build a solid foundation, as well as a system for filling and draining water. A concrete font usually looks like a small swimming pool lined with finishing materials, such as tile. Plastic molds are also common due to ease of installation and a variety of shapes.

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Bath bath diy A concrete basin lined with

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